Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's officially fall, which means we're about 8 months (and two seasons) away from the next Zebrafish book release! The book, once again, is a full color graphic novel and second in the series! An appropriately summer themed story, SPF 40 releases on June 4, 2013.  (Cover shown above!)
I've been drawing Vita, Plinko, Tanya, Walt, Jay, and Chimp for almost 6 years if you can believe it! The books started as a 10 episode animated series for Children's Hospital Boston, released in 2009. (You can watch them here!) I feel close to these guys, like I really know them, which is bound to happen when you spend time with anyone. Characters, just like real people, become familiar...they become your life.
I started the Zebrafish project at FableVision, the company I have been working at for nearly 7 years. The story of these 6 crazy kids started as a tiny seed planted by Peter H. Reynolds and his twin brother Paul Reynolds - which has been cultivated and cared for at FableVision to grow into a giant plant. I am not the best at analogies, but that works fine. Here's a picture of Peter and I on the day we received the bound galleys! 

One extra bonus that makes all the work way worth it, is receiving emails from kids who like the book. Here's some lovely Zebrafish fan art from 10 year old, Maya! She drew her own character who is most definitely wearing a sweatshirt I must own in real life. Thank you, Maya!

In other news, after a long internet battle this weekend, I seemed to have lost my entire set of blog posts from this past year....including the website I spent so much time cultivating. I had planned to veer away from Blogspot...but in the end, it's a dear old friend. I'll be blogging here again from now on and most likely repopulating past posts. I hope you don't mind! :D

My portfolio site is currently under construction again until further notice...and most links will point in the direction of this site! Wee! 


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