Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank you South High!

Zebrafish! If you missed my previous post about, check it out!

"The Event"
This webisode is #9 of 10 found on You have to sign up to watch
them all.. but it's free! By now, in the storyline, the 6 main characters of Zebrafish
have formed a virtual band and made a music video. They are confidently performing it
in front of their high school classmates. (Gutsy in high school!)

The entire episode was done in Adobe Flash with the exception of some backgrounds done
in Photoshop. The uber talented team: Animation/ Didi Mitove and Lars Edwards,
Zebrafish Backgrounds / Keith Zulawnik, Photoshop Backgrounds/ Tami Wicinas /
Storyboards, Character Designs, and Art Directing / me!

Let's not forget the musical talent of Kate Radio, from the former Boston based
band My Little Radio who worked with us, letting us use instrumental versions of
some of her songs. We rewrote some of the lyrics to match the webisodes, but the original songs
are on the My Little Radio MySpace page.

A Zebrafish version of Kate:

In this webisode, the song is performed by our Vita vocal talent.
Enjoy! And feel free to ask questions. This webisode was made entirely in Flash and
completely (I believe) pushed Flash to the limits beyond belief. To the point where
it almost didn't work. I am admittedly really proud of my ability to maneuver Flash
around and make it work. :)

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  1. some fine animation on that show...some FINE animation...whoever did it sure must be talented! WHOOOO ZEBRAFISH!