Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas in July!

Sooo! My freelance projects are rapping up and I have a ton of things in store. One being...more bird animations! Keith and I are moving to an apartment in Somerville soon and we're going to have a super sweet studio space. I'm looking forward to having a new environment for inspiration. I've been slowly packing and, since my computer is an extension of myself, I also have been cleaning out my files to prep for a website redesign. I revisted my bird animations from a few years ago and put them up on Vimeo with every intention of making more.

Since I only have a few days left in July and because Christmas in July is a popular theme... I thought I'd post "Jingle Bells" again. Enjoy!

My mid-year resolutions:
-Learn to use my sewing machine
-Redo my website
-Start an Etsy shop
-Rekindle my love with paint
(I'll keep you posted on the above)


  1. Awesome bird animations(love the pink bird twirling to Raffi music, oh Raffi haha)

    Good luck with crossing all your mid-year resolutions off the list, especially the shop!

  2. There's nothing like a new space to give you a boost of inspiration. Good luck with the move.

    I love the bird animation...he's got some sweet moves!

  3. Renee this is SO CUTE!!!!!!!
    it's the little bird's big vacation! and vacation home-video :)

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Sarah how the heck are ya!? Whatcha up to, where ya been, whatta ya know? We miss you at FV!