Tuesday, August 04, 2009

WTD: Vehicle

Welp...fashionably late, here's my illustration for "WTD?" over on Creative Juices. In case I never really explained what that means...

The artists over at FableVision (new updated website to come soon!) decided to challenge ourselves to do an illustration every two weeks. We pick a word from a random word generator and go! After much deliberation we decided to call it "WTD: What the Doodle?" I'm pretty sure it stems from phrases such as: "What the heck?" " What in the wild world of sports?" " What in sam's hell is THAT?"

We open the challenge up to the company and I do believe that our word (Vehicle) inspired a LOT more people than usual this week. Check it out!


  1. Very cute! I think you need to get a pet bird now (long overdue).

  2. I love the feeling of motion here Renee. Her hair, her purse, the cat's fur...all blowing in the wind. I love it. Well done!

    Oh, and that little birdie is damn cute.

  3. What a fun new style for you, but with the flavor of the old.

    Where's her helmet!? Hehe.

  4. This is different, I like it alot!

    And Timmy looks like he's enjoying the ride immensely... :)

  5. Bob- Thanks! I don't think I'll ever get a pet bird, though. Mostly because I probably can't get one that looks exactly like this. :)

    Thanks Jason - I've been riding a bike for a while now and I love the feeling. Wind everywhere!

    Nomers! It's an ilustration..she can be sans helmet in an illustration, yes!? haha.

    Kel- You know why I think it's different? I realized I never ever draw people! Trying to change that.
    p.s. Timmy IS lovin it!

  6. Pick one.

    They're all pretty darn cute. Maybe not AS cute.

  7. Beauuuuutiful! I love the line quality, so fluid.