Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was recently interviewed by David Paccia over on his blog, called David Wasting Paper. David's blog is a nice, growing collection of comic artist interviews, links, and wisdom. He asks some great questions of some very talented folks. I feel honored to participate, and if you'd like to see, hop on over!

(* I drew this little guy for my friend Joe's birthday. I like this... the closer we get to 30, the goofier the drawings get)


  1. I read your interview ^_^!! Really interesting and nice to get to know you a bit better!

    You have such a cool style! I really like it! Man, I've been browsing through many art blogs today and I simply just want to draw all day...but my thesis is calling meeee bleegh -_-'

    I will stop by more often! Stay Creative!

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi Renee;

    Mom and I enjoyed your interview and found it very enlightening. Also found out a few more tidbits about you.
    ...hmmm, so that's where all my mechanical pencils went. And and I thought I was always losing them.


  3. Great interview. I always enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers a bit better.

    Thanks for sharing.