Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Zebrafish: What it's REALLY all about.

So how do you spread a message without being too "preachy?" That's a difficult task that I face even now as I write this. The truth about Zebrafish is that, sure it's my first book as an official published illustrator, but what this is REALLY all about is...

Children's Hospital Boston.
The zebrafish research lab at Children's is entirely funded by donations. When you buy this book, a generous portion of the proceeds goes to cancer research. 
Ultimately, you are putting money towards helping CURE children who are sick.

The real Zebrafish Lab at Children's. 

Vita and Pablo visiting the lab in the book.

The characters in the book form a band with the intent of putting on a show to raise money for the hospital.
Did you know there's a real-life band doing just THAT!?  They're called Yellowcake and they are AWESOME. Alone, they have raised $7,000 for the hospital. 

Photo Creds: CHildren's Hospital Boston
A still "photo" from Episode 10. Isn't the resemblance uncanny?

7 other local high school bands also joined the cause to help raise money, listen to their music here: http://www.zebrafish.com/notes.html

If that isn't what it's REALLY all about, I don't know what is. 

So today, I am celebrating not only my first day as a published illustrator...I am celebrating the beginning of what could possibly be the most wonderful thing to happen to Children's Hospital Boston. At least, I am crossing my fingers for it.

And because everyone seems to respond well to PROCESS images! I decided to choose my favorite page. I'm excited to share it because EVERY artist on the FableVision staff contributed a bit of flair to this page.

Soccer game: Thumbnail

Soccer game: Final Ink

Soccer game: Final Color (Click for larger view!)

5/7. Me
6/10/14/15. Keith Zoo

I'll be selling and signing some Zebrafish books at the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland on Sunday, May 23rd. I'll also have all kinds of fun things that I've designed including bookmarks and art prints. Please do stop by and check it out!! http://www.mainecomicsfestival.com/

Also, check out this amazing list of GUESTS! http://www.mainecomicsfestival.com/Guests.html

And also, if you missed it back in December,  you can watch the book trailer here: http://kurillastration.blogspot.com/2009/12/so-much-for-secrets.html

**OH and I promise never to be this wordy ever again. You have my word. ;)

*Transparent Zebrafish Photo Creds: Dr. Richard White


  1. I bet you could make two more books out of all the process images. Another post for another time! I am so so happy for you, amazed by you, and proud of this project. Give the fishies a kiss today!

  2. Congratulations, Renee!! Looks like a lot of work and a lot of fun-and what an AWESOME mission behind it all :)

  3. Kate, I could not have done it without you...for realll.

    It really is an awesome mission! Thanks Julia!