Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hannah the Cat!

I was completely humbled when my friend Kate commissioned me to draw three illustrations of her cat, Hannah, as a gift to her husband for Christmas. I don't know how any other artists feel, but there's always a slight twinge of "maybe I'm not good enough" that lingers in the back of my brain. I fight it away constantly. But, to be asked to do something that will potentially be meaningful to another person...on PURPOSE? That's the most challenging. :)
Thank you Kate and Chad, I hope you enjoy these little paintings of your fluffy, little ball of joy!
As a bonus, I'm back on the sketch a day kick I got off of a few months ago. Here's another quick, cozy, winter bundle:


  1. We adore them. They capture her in so many ways (not just sleeping positions, either)!! A million, trillion thanks and meows.

  2. Hannah is a cutie cat! Beautiful work, Renee! :)

  3. I love ze kitties! Especially that kitten-loaf at the end, pretty much sums up every house cat ever.

  4. These came out beautiful Renee! Love the texture in the hair and the choice of colors of the backgrounds. I think you can tell that little voice at the back of your mind to keep quiet. :)