Monday, March 14, 2011

Nostalgia: Post #1

A few months ago, I ransacked the boxes at my parents house for books I used to love as a kid. I'm going to do a really short series of posts about them. To start, I'm convinced that this one explains my sense of humor... and why not too many people actually think I'm funny:

The Joke Book, by Roy McKie.

Hardy har-har:




Water calamity:

I've told this story to many people, but never had the image to back it up. During my freshman year orientation for college, we sat in a large, awkward circle and introduced ourselves to each other. One of the ice breakers was to tell a joke. When the girl in the spotlight had no joke to tell, I joyfully offered up one of my own from memory:


Seriously people, it's funnier now that you've SEEN it, right? RIGHT? (MAAAN! tough crowd)
This post probably belongs on my Goodbye, my 20s Blog haha.


  1. Super Pickle is GOLD. That math joke is pretty good, too. NINE.

  2. There are some hilarious sophisticated jokes out there. But my favorite joke of all time?

    Q: What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
    A: Nacho cheese.

    Comedy gold. You keep telling these jokes, Renee. They're ingenious in their simplicity.

  3. You know what. I think my daughters' would really like this.

    I never read this book when I was a kid but people don't think I'm that funny either. That's why I laugh at my own jokes! Har-de-har-har!

  4. The illustrations are great! And cheese-ball jokes are the best.

    My all time favorite :
    A mushroom walked about to the girl and said:
    "Want to go out with me, I'm a Fun-guy (get it, fungi!!)"


  5. I have that book and wish I could remember all of the jokes. Instead I just remember lines from "who wants a rinosaurus for friend?"