Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls Girls Girls!

Can't get enough of these quickie girl sketches. I've been practicing using NO LINES, it's so much fun. Next time I'm going to take a screen capture while I'm drawing so you can see inside my brain. Anyone have a suggestion for a new pose or outfit? I get lots of my inspiration from Modcloth, however, most of the clothes I start out drawing cover more surface area (I erase a lot). For example, the top girlie used to be wearing a knee length dress before. Ahem. 
The top image is going to be part of the Girls Drawin' Girls pre-sale pinup bookplate offer. Order a copy before July 10 and you'll get a unique extra gift. :) 

*Just for fun, here's my first pass at the top image (and my sketch):


  1. These are so cool ! Def. like the ones with faces better though. Love the backgrounds cool. Is this going to be a series ? Has real cool potential for a triad type of design. Nice job !

  2. I love your girl drawings! What a great bookplate the top piece will be!

  3. a whole Hawaiian theme for the ladies would be awesome..really like the background of the top one...lots of vintage floral designs would be great backgrounds