Friday, March 08, 2013

Moms and Their Sons: Portraits

So much work gets done on a regular basis that doesn't get used in final production. Whether it be for a book, a large budget film, an ad, a too often sits in sketchbooks. (Unless you work at Pixar or Dreamworks and are lucky enough to have a book published with your concept art!) Here are a few mother and son pairs I drew that didn't get chosen for a freelance project. 
But I sure am happy to share them here! 



  1. Thanks for the peek. I drool over sketchbooks and concept art. These peeks into an illustrator's mind always help me grow my own art style.

  2. Thanks Joanne! I love looking at sketchbooks, too. :D

  3. These are lovely little illustrations, Renee. You really are talented. :)

  4. Love these idrawings of moms and their sons. : )