Monday, April 08, 2013

Drawn to Spring

This past weekend, I attended Drawn to Spring, a children's book illustrator event at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It was the perfect kind of morning, though Saturday is a day when I usually try to take a break from art making. :) I took my break on Sunday instead (*cough cough* Game of Thrones)

One of my recent personal goals is to concentrate more on sketching and keeping loose. I've had my nose stuck in my digital portfolio for so long that it feels good to do so much sketchbook drawing.

I've also wanted to focus more on story. The amount of ideas in my head is phenomenal. Choosing which ones to focus on is the hard part.

Taking time like this away from your thoughts is so important. Remember to recharge.

Yak-tail-drawing photo credit: Dan Moynihan

That said, FableVision is still keeping my digital skills in tact. I'm starting to work on the Summer Issue of Ranger Rick's Tree House soon among other exciting projects! I'm also very close to being able to announce a new freelance book project that is totally right up my alley! :) 

Busy Springs are good Springs...but don't forget to go outside! 
(I'll keep trying to remind myself to do the same!)


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