Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little Update.

I know people say this all the time, but I have been SO busy, you guys. It's kind of been an unbelievable summer. I've completed 2 books for Lerner Publishing's Cloverleaf series and am right in the middle of coloring the 3rd. I've also been sketching away for another book project about some adorable, hairy primates (news about this to come soon)!

What my drawing table looks like.

I find that regardless of how busy I get, it's still really important to keep drawing in my sketchbook. It's still a good escape for me, and then I get to share them all with you here! It's kind of interesting how you can tell if I took the picture in the daytime or at night. There's no perfect time of day, it's just when the idea hits:

Before a trip to the New England Aquarium.

The last page of a sketchbook!

Practicing fur.

"Still life."

The first page of a new book!

Inspired by Kemosabe the talking porcupine!

I can't wait until I can share more about my projects with you, but I hope Kemosabe makes up for the void! Thanks for visiting my little internet corner!



  1. i've just fallen in love with that porcupine as well as your drawing of him

  2. I LOVE your dotted-line porcupine quills! So clever!

  3. love getting a peak into an illustrators sketchbook. fun, loose, charming and engaging. thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much everyone :)