Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ship it!

Oh the mayhem...Epson FAIL! The printer ink went and got all dried up. So, instead, I ordered a fine art print from ImageKind. It came out great (and much bigger than originally planned) and with the addition of a frame.- it's ready to ship off to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in California!

See ya later, I hope you find a wonderful home.

Timmy already said his goodbyes...and he's past it:


  1. Nice save :) and nice illu. I have to find a similar solution here in europe..or even DK if they have one. Never thought about it though it seems very straight forward.

    How many dpi was you uploaded picture...300 or more?

    ps. Love your birds.


  2. Thanks Zarah! Are you on Flickr? There might be a similar feature in the UK that links to Flickr. (That's how I found Imagekind :)
    Oh! and...the uploaded image was 300 dpi.

  3. Hi Renee
    Thanks I'll check it out on Flickr.

  4. Hi Renee,

    I bought this great picture at Purrcasso; thank you for donating such a cool piece--I hope that you will donate again next year so I can add to my collection! :D


  5. Thank you sooo much Amelia! I plan to keep donating as long as the event runs. I'm also planning to launch an Etsy print store very soon!