Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Book Series!

I've been waiting to tell you guys about this for months now. Remember during the summer months when I kept telling you about the secret projects I was working on? Well, at the same time as Zebrafish, in all the spare time I could muster, I was also busy illustrating two books for a new series from Charlesbridge called, I See I Learn, by author Stuart J. Murphy.
(as a side note, the top image is not the book cover...)
By power of the internet, artist and agent extraordinaire, Tim Jones contacted me to do a series of character designs...and later a look and feel for the book series.
Here are the characters in the very beginning stages:
And later:
And later:
And later they developed into nice, fine young digital childrimals (I made that word up):
I'm beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Tim, Charlesbridge, and Stuart J,. Murphy on these books. This book series is just like the type I was addicted to as a kid. I can only hope these have the same effect on the little ones!

The series launches in Fall of 2010 with four titles and I'm set to begin illustrating another very soon!
A few teaser images:
*All of the images above copyright 2010 by Stuart J. Murphy and Charlesbridge Publishing


  1. The designs are adorable and the previews look great! I think the giraffe "childranimal" (hee) is my favorite.

  2. PICKLE!!!
    Congrats, lovely! This is so amazing.

  3. Renee, I love the creative process and to see the evolution of characters from sketch to finished, so I LOVED this post!!! This looks like the kind of books I liked as a kid too, looks like a dream job and your artwork is beautiful as always! Thanks for posting this and congrats, I'll be looking for the first book in the fall.

  4. Wow!! These illustrations are adorable! What an awesome project. :) Congratulations!!

  5. Great Characters! It's nice to see them go from idea to finish

  6. Thanks so much everyone!
    Amanda - the giraffe is totally my favorite too, he's so fun to draw.
    Chris- Thanks for posting a link on your blog.

    I hope to do more 'in process" posts in the future. :)

  7. Wahoo! Those animals are GGRR-8!

  8. What? Huh? Jeesh!! How do you find time to sleep Renee?? Wowey, GREAT stuff! Congrats on all of your big projects getting conquered!