Thursday, February 04, 2010

What the Doodle!? "Welcomed"

I decided to turn last week's illustration into an ongoing comic adventure. Though, I got rid of the little guy's legs and I'm trying to ease up on the textures a bit. (I got out of control.)

What's going to be interesting is that the outcome will be totally dependent on the chosen word.
I still have no idea what this little guy is. I think he's a fuzzball. Blogger is making the colors look totally washed out, too (booooo).

Check out what the rest of the FV team came up with at the Creative Juices Blog.

Happy FRIDAY! More big news and TONS of new art coming next week guys!


  1. I looks super cool. Love the little character, and the fact that he might just be a far away cousin to the dust balls or elves from spirited away or Totoro (my favorite).

    I think the big guy is saying something like, "yes yes 12 meters in two jumps thats very good, but unfortunately you hit the secret minus field which makes your jumps only worth 25 cm. And that makes me the winner with a 26 cm jump. Hurray

    or maybe not :-D

  2. I love Mr. Fuzzyball! way too cute!

    *cuteness overload*

    Yes. I agree. Blogger really washes out the color! I usually add an extra layer in Photoshop before I post it on the blog, just to make the colors more vibrant.


  3. Haha I love how you guys made up a dialogue AND a name for my character :) Thanks!