Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday, FableVision!

A few Fridays ago, FableVision Studios was lit up and decorated to welcome hundreds of party go-ers, all there to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the only company I've ever heard of to declare a 200 year mission. That mission? To help ALL learners reach their full potential and to tell stories that matter, stories that move.
It makes you feel proud to work at a place like that. I've been at FableVision for 6 years and have been lucky enough to watch (and help) it grow through its tween years. :) And FableVision has helped me as well, to develop and flourish whatever artistic talents I had lingering inside, waiting to emerge.

Our Director of Art and Animation, Bob Flynn describes it best in his blog post. 

To change things up a little bit, I thought it might be fun to give you a little peek into the cozy workspace I've created for myself at the studio. We all work in one big space but everyone has managed to make a little nook for themselves! Mine has lots of books (though only a few compared to our massive home collection), and as many toys as I can fit without overcrowding. 

I pretty much always have a YA novel at the ready for whoever needs a book to read, currently I'm passing around Divergent, written by Veronia Roth.

I have a great view of the FableVision star from my desk, which leads me to describe the anniversary gift our staff made for  The FableVision logo, in its essence has not changed since the very beginning. It 
My interpretation of the FV logo and Peter H. Reynolds North Star Boy: 

As a thank you to everyone who could make it to our party, we've made a special page on our website with all the highlights of the evening, including our new Demo Reel and Voices Video

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  1. Sitting next to you makes my day, every day. Especially when you make Gandolf talk.