Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Save the Date!

It's a new year and my friends Kelly and Adam from One Eleven Images are getting hitched in June! What an awesome project it was to illustrate their Save the Date cards. 

Not only was it fun because I got to look at the goofy photo reference pictures they took for me (see above), but the entire time I spent coloring in their faces and the background scene I got to reminisce about all the good times we've had over the years in Boston. :) 

Now we can look forward to what lies ahead in 2012! Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for taking time to come visit my blog. I plan to update more frequently (New Years Resolution #1) with loads of new art and story. 

-Renée K


  1. Congrats to Kelly & Adam! Your illustration turned out beautifully, I love the palette and the awesome lighting!

  2. Congratulations to your friends Kelly and Adam! I wish them all good and happyness!!

    Happy new year! May 2012 be creative and orginal !

  3. Thanks gals :) Happy New Year to you both!