Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cartoon Portraits

It has only been a few months since Keith and I were married, but the memories still feel like just yesterday. Many late, hot, August nights were spent prepping and planning. We were covered in hot glue and nursing bruises caused by wire cutters, while we practically stacked boxes to the ceiling with handmade wedding decorations. If you could have seen our small Somerville apartment during the month of August, you'd have thought we were moving out. 

And after all of the buildup,  it couldn't have been a better day!

I think one of the most fun parts of planning was making gifts. Below are what I like to call my "Pool Girls" portraits of our flower girl (Maggie), bridesmaids (Kate, Kristen, Kelly, and Kim), and my parents (Ron and Terri). Who knows, maybe one day they'll all end up in a story?! 


Photo by: Zac Wolf Photography


p.s. Check out my HUSBAND'S illustrations here!

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