Friday, December 14, 2012

Bears, Bears, Everywheres!

If you see me on Twitter or Instagram, you've probably been seeing me post hash tags like this: #vmat. What is #vmat, you ask? Pioneered by Genevieve F.T and Cale Atkinson, it's the 1st Annual Very Merry Super Secret Twitter Art Trade and it's pretty cool. Over 70 illustrators signed up to make original art for a buddy, nobody knows who's art they're getting (hense "super secret"). 

I can't tell you yet who gets this piece...though I suppose I CAN say that it's getting shipped to another!

Here is the final image. It was a good excuse to practice more painting. This time, instead of ink, I used colored pencil, which I traced from a sketch onto hot press watercolor paper using a light box. I painted over it with watercolors. I still haven't gotten the hang of it yet... I think next time I'll just to use paint to get my lights and darks. If I need an outline, I'll paint it. 

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