Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas



I started this mini project as a sketch advent calendar - counting down the 12 days until Christmas. What I didn't realize was how FUN it was going to be. Each sketch takes me about 15-20 minutes. I use a number 2 pencil in my sketchbook - and voila! My ideas started to expand into mini stories. If you  followed along on my Facebook page, thank you! I've been posting photographs of my sketchbook on a daily basis. 

Look for these (cleaned up and in both color AND black and white) as a postcard / gift card set for Christmas in 2013! 

Hope the countdown to Christmas doesn't leave you too stressed! It's the best and busiest time of year. :)



  1. Absolutely charming. I've often thought of doing the 12 days christmas as a just for fun project myself. Bravo to you for actually doing it.

  2. It only takes you 15-20 minutes?!!!! We can't be friends anymore. Just kidding.