Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everywhere that Mary went...

As I've been rambling on for a few months now, I'm still well underway with my portfolio makeover project! I'm down to the last week, because come next Friday, I'll be handing my book over for the 2013 SCBWI Portfolio Showcase in NYC. Tonight I finished these last two pieces in my Mary Had a Little Lamb series and I'd be lying if I didn't say they ended up being my favorite. 

As an only child, if I couldn't have a brother or sister, I always wished I at least had a pet. I'll never forget what it was like tying a string to my Pound Puppy and dragging him around the house. To me, he was real. Now, as an adult, I get to revisit those moments and make them real whatever way I want! Bwaahaha! 

So, I finished up the last few lines on these guys and spent the rest of the night printing my portfolio and assembling it. I have been rejiggering the order all along, it looks something like this:

...which is much better than it looked in the beginning when half of these pieces were just tiny thumbnail sketches. Honestly, I can't believe I came this far. 

Thank you once again for following along! I'll be sure to take pictures when I get everything together in my book!



  1. these are awesome!!!! i'll also be at the scbwi conference! :-)

  2. I've been thinking about SCBWI lately and I'd definitely like to hear about your experiences afterwards!

  3. I think the lamby getting his boots on is still my fave. And I'm SO glad you kept in the owls!