Friday, January 18, 2013

Sketch Collection #7

I started a new sketchbook this week because I completely blew through my last one! At work, we were given these books to prevent our ideas from getting lost on loose pieces of paper, which indirectly helped me discover my most favorite sketchbook of all. It's a Strathmore 400 Series Field Sketchbook and my weapon of choice is a plain old #2 pencil. At least 3 of them:

To get over the fear of an entirely blank book, I just started doodling my name, which I realize is kinda weird. I turned it into a contact page, though...should I ever loose my precious idea book. The above sketches are for a few new Ranger Rick's Tree House games, which I am SO excited about. I can't wait to share more! And the bears...are just...bears. :) I have been so obsessed with drawing bears lately!

Until next time...
Bear thee well. (har har)



  1. I dig all of this but especially the manatee! He had me from the get-go with that smile. Very cute, Renee!

  2. Very cute sketches.! :-D Like it!

  3. They are so cute!! I love them all!!

  4. Nice Renée! I'm going to take a peek at that sketchbook, I'd like something where the paper has a bit of tooth to it.. : )

    a : )

  5. Haha Cassie, manatees are totally a crowd favorite for sure!

    Andi - the best part about the sketchbook is the tooth! You're able to get nice darks with a #2 - it's great.

    Thanks everyone :D

  6. thank you for sharing!